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Built for Speed

Ziply Fiber’s gig speed fiber network, quality built with redundancy and extra capacity, delivers blazingly-fast internet to your home or business. Reliably fast and consistently on, our fiber gives you equally fast download and upload speeds, letting you easily share large files, video chat, game online and stream movies. Say goodbye to the lag, buffering and slowdowns of traditional cable.

Hear from Ziply Fiber’s VP of Network, John van Oppen, explain how our network is different.




Stay connected, no matter what

Redundancy describes the work we’ve done behind the scenes to ensure that your fiber internet is available every time you need it. As we expand into new markets, we’re building multiple fiber routes to and between cities, so if any part of our network gets challenged, you won’t notice a change in speed or connectivity. It’s like having a freeway leading directly to your home. When an accident causes a traffic jam, you simply change lanes and get home without interruption.

Greater capacity, no slowdowns

With traditional cable, things can slow down when everyone in the neighborhood logs on at the same time, but our fiber network stays consistently fast, 24/7. Unlike traditional cable networks, our fiber network is built with room to spare, so that you and your neighbors can stream, game and chat online effortlessly.

While most networks operate at 80% capacity, we operate our network at just 40% capacity, so there is plenty of bandwidth available for peaks in traffic to ensure you have the best connected experience.

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More bandwidth to power all your devices

A gig speed fiber connection gives you access to 20x more data than a traditional 50 Mbps cable connection. Since the average household or business has 10+ connected devices running at any time, more bandwidth makes a huge difference. While everyone works, learns, streams and plays online, every device is competing for a slice of your home’s connectivity. Gig speed fiber internet can power all your devices without skipping a beat.

Verifiable network speed

If you’re paying for Gig speed internet, you should get Gig speed internet. Run a speed test using a wired ethernet connection to verify that you’re getting what you pay for. With gig speed, you should see about 940 Mbps upload and download speeds from a wired connection.

For Home
Small Business

We’re your neighbor

Ziply Fiber is local, operating only in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. This means the technician you see on the road or the installer who visits your home or business are likely your neighbor. We are deeply committed to delivering the best quality products and services to the communities we live in.

After all, it’s our internet too.

There’s a Ziply Fiber network for everyone

Reliable WiFi lets you do what you want, wherever you want in your home.
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Work, learn, relax and play without slowdowns

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Smart data decisions for property management

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Get the network that puts more hours in your day

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Put the Ziply Fiber network to work for you

The way your devices connect is just as important as the service you connect to.

Here’s how to get the most of your Ziply Fiber network.

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